Devin Pierce Scheef 

Scenic Design for Live Theatre

Copyright 2015. Devin Scheef. All Rights Reserved.

Written by Harvey Fierstein

Presented by the American Heritage Center for the Arts, November 2013

Directed by Johnpaul Moccia

Lighting Design by Ryan Bible

Costume Design by Caroline Hagerty

Photographs courtesy of Ryan Bible

This unit set is comprised of modular platforms and stairs, which resemble a rusty Bronx fire escape in their initial configuration, but are rearranged throughout the show to represent multiple locations and furnishings.  Three windows appear to float on the upstage wall, from which the Hurleys' gossiping neighbors weigh in on the storyline.  These windows become mirrors in the bridal gown shop, and hundreds of Christmas lights embedded in the upstage wall convert it into a star drop during Aggie's wedding fantasy sequence.

After their only son becomes a casualty of the Korean war, Bronx residents Tom and Aggie Hurley must decide how to spend the reparations they receive from the American government.  Should they use the money to fulfill Tom's dream of buying out his partner in the taxicab business, or to throw a truly extravagant  wedding for their newly engaged daughter, Janey?  The chaos of the wedding planning process leads all family members to reflect on their own relationships, and to discover what truly makes a successful marriage work.

A Catered Affair